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Traditional Selling methods don’t work in today’s knowledge enhanced business environment; why?  Traditional Selling depends on:
  1. Making presentations and offering opinions
  2. Focuses on product features and benefits
  3. Focuses on the needs and time frame of the seller
  4. Sells by:
  • Persuading/convincing potential customer
  • Handling objections
  • Overcomes resistance
On the other hand, what is consultative or customer centred selling?  It is an approach to selling in which customer needs are used as the basis for the sales dialogue.
To really understand Consultative Selling, one could think of it has an approach from the customers perspective, deeply analysing the needs, wants, and problems of the customer and working with the customer to propose a solution.
The transition from product focused selling to need-focused selling was the direct result of market changes. Increased competition and customers’ greater access to information and sophistication began the shift of power in a sales call from salesperson to the customer.
There are five primary differentiators that mark a Consultative Salesperson:
  • They ask more questions.
  • They provide customized vs. vs. generic solutions.
  • Their calls are more interactive.
  • They provide insights to their prospects and customers
  • They work to the buyer’s time frame
With Consultative Selling, the customer’s needs come first. Needs are identified through:
  • A combination of preparation and effective probing and drilling-down into customer answers.
  • Consultative Selling takes the hard edge from product selling and replaces it with the strong but flexible edge that custom fits to the customer’s needs.
That’s why eMotive has developed a Consultative Selling course, fine tuned to the needs of the participants.
eMotive offer the following support for Sales professionals, Businesses, and Dental practices:
  • Consultative Sales Courses for individuals and sales teams
  • Individual Sales Coaching and Mentoring to improve performance
  • Patient engagement courses for Dental Practices
  • Individual patient engagement coaching and mentoring for Dental professionals
Participants have reported the following benefits from engagement with eMotive:
  • Understood Consultative Selling
  • Knew the six steps of Consultative Selling
  • Mastered a consultative selling process and accelerated the sales cycle
  • Strengthened relationships by building credibility and client loyalty
  • Learnt the psychological tools and techniques of successful selling
  • Develop a consistently positive attitude to generate predictable sales results